Certified Local Government Status

Maplewood’s Historic Preservation Commission is one of only a few dozen in New Jersey that have sought and been accepted into the Certified Local Government (CLG) program. This program is administered by the National Park Service through the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office. Eligibility for CLG status requires that the commission membership meets a specified level of expertise and enables the Historic Preservation Commission to serve as a representative of the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office on local issues. Achieving CLG status is indicative of both the competence of the members of Maplewood’s Historic Preservation Commission and the quality of the town’s Historic Preservation Ordinance.

Participation in the CLG program allows the township to review and comment through Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act as a consulting party on federally funded, licensed, permitted and/or assisted projects having potential impact on historic properties. CLG status also makes the township eligible to compete for state funded grants for a variety of preservation activities.