Books about Maplewood

Maplewood Past and Present, A Miscellany, edited by Helen B. Bates, Maplewood, New Jersey, Friends of the Maplewood Library, 1948  (Available at the Maplewood Library)

Images of America, Maplewood, Durand-Hedden House and Garden (John Crowell Bausmith and Howard Wiseman, authors), Arcadia Publishing, 1998 (Available at the Maplewood Library)

The Historical Murals of Maplewood by Joseph V. Noble, Maplewood, NJ. 1961 (reprinted 2004))

The Evolution of Public Education in A New Jersey School District, 1814-1927 by Henry W. Foster, The W. F. Humphrey Press, Geneva, NY, 1930  Explanation of the changes in civil boundaries of Maplewood.

The Trail to the Upland Plantations by Beatrice P. Herman, Worrall Publications, 1976 (Available at the Maplewood Library)

Smile, Picture History of Olympic Park 1887-1965 by Alan Siegel, Rutgers University Press, 1983

Articles on Maplewood history on the website of Maplewood’s historical society, the Durand-Hedden House